Surrender...the answer to a good life!

It has now been a couple of weeks since the arrival of Faith our third darling daughter.

This time it is different. A lot has changed in the four years since Ava was born. We are all different, I have grown a lot and learnt so much in that time, I really am a different person, a better version of myself. I’m stronger and more able to cope with what life has to throw at me, it’s all about experience and what you learn from it.

So we went in to this pregnancy with a totally different mindset and with the benefit of experience, which meant we wanted to take this opportunity to make the most of the journey and try to enjoy parts of it that previously passed us by.

As always mindset is everything and we prepared by going to Hypnobirthing classes which really set us on the right path, manifesting the type of experience we wanted with positive mantras, visualisations and written plans. We highly recommend Clare Hunt of for the support she kindly provided.

I have to say my wife Rochelle was nothing short of magnificent, she kept herself super active and only went to hospital once her labour was in full flow, which we believe really helped the process.

Now things didn’t get off to the best start due to a full car park and no beds in the birthing suite, which left us slightly languishing in a triage room, that was not in the birth plan! But we (Roch) knuckled down and refocused, then what followed in the next two hours was nothing short of my most exhilarating, powerful and life affirming experience.

For me the previous two births felt slightly overawed by medical intervention, anxiety and pure relief. But this time was different, we had the great fortune of a truly fantastic midwife Nelly Shaw-Cottereau at Watford General Hospital, who also practiced Hypnobirthing and we really could not have asked for a more supportive midwife.

In truth Rochelle just made the whole thing look ridiculously easy, no pain relief or gas just 100% working with nature, the power of the mind and the amazing human body. It all just seemed far too easy, I couldn’t quite accept it until baby's head appeared and I knew it was real. Then Faith entered the world, 10 lbs 2 oz of new born human being. It all just felt so incredible, I’ve never felt so high, even the placenta was a thing of pure beauty and such vivid colour, I really was totally overcome by the wonders of Mother Nature, what an absolute privilege to witness and in that oxytocin washed moment I said to myself, I have to do this again!

Then followed one of the most moving moments of my life, Rochelle said that in the end she just surrendered to it. I found this incredibly powerful as it connects with my belief in Stoic philosophy, which is based on surrendering to the ‘divine’ will...letting go. I strongly believe in this mindset and it certainly come home to roost that day.

What made the moment even more special was the fact that we were banking stems cells from the umbilical cord and placenta with in the hope they can one day be used to rejuvenate the crushed optic nerves that have made our eldest daughter Betsy blind.

Something felt special about that day, it just felt right, like it was all meant to be. Our hearts are open and just maybe the universe is conspiring alongside us...

As always we live in hope...either way we have Faith!

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