Bounce Back Exercise

Personal Training and Exercise Rehabilitation 

Bounce Back Exercise provides exercise support and motivation for people with cancer, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Beth started Bounce Back Exercise after being inspired by her own family members affected by cancer, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. People with a clinical diagnosis have so much to benefit from participating in an exercise programme yet are often neglected by the fitness industry. Bounce Back Exercise aims to create more opportunities for people to access exercise support and experience the benefits of exercise. Although with exercise there is no one size fits all approach, Bounce Back shows there is something for everyone.

Beth graduated from Loughborough University with a Master’s in Sport and Exercise Psychology and went on to become a clinical exercise specialist and personal trainer. Having spent eighteen months rehabilitating cancer patients at a London exercise clinic, she cemented a long-standing belief:

“Exercise is a medicine and if it were a pill, it would be prescribed to everyone”.


One to one exercise sessions 
Personalised exercise programmes help you find the workout that: suits your physical and clinical needs, helps you achieve your goals, and most importantly… you enjoy!

Group exercise classes 

A fun, sociable to improve your health and fitness. Classes for:


Neurological disease 

Improving your health and fitness 

Online exercise videos 

Receive Bounce Back Exercise classes from the comfort of your home.


Nicola Price Physiotheropy

I’m Nicola, a physiotherapist who helps patients to improve their wellbeing after injury or illness. I’m passionate about helping my patients regain their strength and physical wellbeing.

During my 15 years of experience as a physiotherapist, I’ve worked extensively in the NHS as well as private hospitals and clinics. I am also an in-house physiotherapist for an elite gymnastics club.

My experience is supported by academic study. I graduated in 2005 with BSc Honours Degree in Physiotherapy and maintain a keen interest in the latest research and medical guidance. As a postgraduate I also trained as an Acupuncturist and a Pilates instructor with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI).

Prior to my career as a physiotherapist I competed as an elite gymnast at international level. After turning professional I was privileged to be selected to perform as an aerialist in the Central Show of the Millennium Dome. These experiences have increased my awareness of the demands of high-level sporting activities and importance of injury prevention and rehabilitation following injury. That being said, you don’t need to be an elite athlete to benefit from physiotherapy! My patients are of all ages and mobility levels, coming from many different occupations. 

As well as general musculoskeletal physiotherapy, I specialise in Woman’s Health. Obstetrics physiotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of the musculoskeletal system during and after pregnancy. Hormonal and physiological changes throughout pregnancy can trigger pain and discomfort. The goal is to improve any symptoms and to ensure you remain fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy preparing you for labour and caring for your baby.

Gynaecology physiotherapy involves the assessment and management of any conditions affecting your pelvis and pelvic floor such as incontinence (stress, urge or mixed), prolapse and constipation. Treatment consists of pelvic floor muscle re-training, correcting poor bladder habits, reducing risk, advice and education. Pelvic floor muscle re-training is essential for anyone of any age with or without a history of pregnancy or birth.


Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson (otherwise known as the 'Yogibanker') is a qualified yoga & mindfulness meditation teacher. Scott’s passion is to inspire fellow finance & city professionals to lead a better life through yoga & meditation.

Scott’s background puts him in a unique position to understand what it means to work a busy job in the financial sector in the City and to practise and compete in sports or athletic pursuits either competitively or passionately. Scott knows that yoga has the power to transform lives because they changed his. That’s what led Scott to offer yoga to finance and corporate professionals.

Scott started practising yoga in 2012 before starting a senior role in a large financial institution in the City of London. Scott’s dedication to his yoga practice really helped him get through the early years of his role, giving him the space, energy and strength under challenging circumstances. In 2017, he completed his yoga teacher training in Bali with Nico Luce, following which he returned to the London office of the large financial institution he worked for, to introduce yoga to his colleagues. Scott helped establish the first employee-led yoga program at the bank, introducing yoga to many people for the first time, including running a number of yoga for beginners courses.

In 2019, Scott completed his teacher training in mindfulness meditation with Cyndi Lee. Scott now runs twice-weekly mindfulness meditations at the financial institution he works for, helping to promote corporate wellbeing within the organisation, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Scott’s aim is to help his clients improve their performance at work and and/or in their chosen athletic pursuit or sport. Let Scott be the person to teach you a better way to deal with stress, find more flexibility, or to improve your sporting or athletic or sporting performance so that you can thrive in your professional and personal life.

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